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Bookcliff Newfies

Got Newf?

Bookcliff Newfies a reputable breeder of Newfoundlands. Located in Grand Junction, Colorado. Our dogs & puppies are raised in house as part of the family. Our gentle giants have wonderful temperaments. AKC registered and health tested

Puppies & adult female available

Our Story

Hi we're Colt & Cassia Archuleta the breeders of Bookcliff Newfies.

At Bookcliff Newfies, we have been building our reputation as a trusted Newfoundland Dog Breeder in Colorado. We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all our pets. As a family of seven, we all take part in the nurture and care of all our adult dogs & puppies. From the day of birth our kids handle the puppies daily. Our dogs are part of our family, raised in our home, and not kenneled. Breeding has become a passion and a way of life for our family. There’s no better feeling than when we match one of our precious puppies with their caring new owner. It’s why we put so much time, love and effort into our gentle giants. We continue to care about our pups long after they leave us. As such, it’s our strict policy to only sell to individuals; we will never sell to pet shops or brokers. To make sure our animals get the forever home they deserve, we carefully interview all potential owners.

Contact us to find out more about the process or to get on our waiting list.

Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you everything you need to know.

Newfoundland Breed

Newfoundlands are referred to as gentle giants because of their sweet nature and large size. They are also called newfs & newfies. Newfies are intelligent dogs with a strong desire to please their owner. This combined with their work ethic makes the dog easy to train (they can be stubborn at times) and an ideal companion for any family. Newfies are both an inside and outside dog. While they'll require some outdoor exercise each day, they'll be much happier living indoors with their human families.

The Newfoundland is a large working dog which was originally bred to help pull lumber and fishing nets. They are water-loving powerful dogs with a gentle heart... They excel at water rescue because of their muscular build, thick double coat, webbed paws, and swimming abilities.

The Newfoundland is a medium to high maintenance dog breed.  Newfies requires moderate daily exercise to expend their energy. A Newfie's coat also requires maintenance to keep it clean. The breed sheds regularly so daily/weekly brushing helps keep the coat looking good.

Common types of coloring newfies can be - black, brown, grey, or white & black.

You'll always remember the first time you met a newfoundland because they are such a head turner.

A quick history lesson. We all know the story of Lewis & Clark and their expedition. However did you know that Lewis brought along a companion? A Newfoundland named Seaman! There's a statue of him at Columbia View Park in St Helens, Oregon.

Newfoundlands MaintenanceDog shedding​ is common in this breed along with drooling. Newfies shedding is moderate for most of the year, and twice-yearly they blow their undercoats. Large breed dog grooming at home we recommend a rake brush and a high velocity blow dryer.  Owners can brush their Newfies twice a week. Because of their size and their hanging lips, these dogs will drool in anticipation of food, after drinking water, or when especially excited and nervous. Just keep a couple of spare rags or towels around.

Precautions with Newfoundland: 

  • Puppies grow rapidly in height, length, & weight in the first year

  • Don't exercise puppies too hard before they're a year old

  • Newfies can overheat easily

  • Prone to bloat so no exercising for an hour before or after eating

Health issues in the Newfoundland breed: skin issues, allergies, joint, & hip problems if not properly cared for. They are to be feed only large breed high quality food that contains proteins and carbohydrates for energy, vitamins and minerals for digestive and immune health, and omega fatty acids for coat and skin wellness Nuvet plus and Nuvet joint will help your newfoundland's health greatly. 

Nuvet helps

  • Support healthy functioning of the vital organs (heart, liver, lungs, brain, and kidneys)

  • Helps prevent itching and scratching

  • Supports healthy skin and shiny coat

  • Supports healthy eyes and ears

  • Supports healthy digestion

  • Supports a strong immune system


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